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I’m super excited about the future of artificial intelligence in creative writing. Recently, AI models trained on literature have become accessible to casual users. One of those early birds was AIDungeon, an AI storywriter similar to CYOA books. You'd enter a prompt, and the AI would continue writing the story for you. Of course, the output was never perfect, but that became its charm - its short memory made stories inherently unpredictable.

However, its web interface was so hard to navigate, using the AI to its full potential became near impossible. Frustrated by the amount of cryptic menus you had to go through, I reimagined my version of an AI storywriter from scratch.

Screenshot of writing style menu

My interface

Built with React and powered by Redux, my version of the front end doesn't have a database - it's just the frontend. I restructured and sometimes renamed the menus to better communicate their functions. The old interface struggled to be understandable, because menus were in separate windows and usually blank - only a label and a textbox. I tried to better visualize every feature and its relationship with the AI, leaving room for links to guides and help docs, which the real app also lacked.

Even if you’ve never interacted with an AI storywriter and have no point of reference, the big gradient buttons are still satisfying to press, and the tooltips and hover states make it clear what you’re looking at.

Screenshot of the lore panel

The lorebook is one of the features I came up with, replacing the ambiguously named 'world info'

Editing text

How the old interface handled text input was its most frustrating feature by far. Writing the story was the most important user interaction, and the interface made it intentionally arduous. Click the text in my demo to see how easy it is to change the story, rewrite sections and save directly in the interface.

Screenshot of text input, showcasing the highlighting system

Dit is een persoonlijk project en was niet in opdracht van of overzien door de namen die in de tekst zijn vermeld.

Dit is een concept en is (nog) niet volledig gerealiseerd. Ik post het omdat ik het geheel interessant genoeg vind om te delen.