In 2020, the Seal Rehabilitation Agreement was signed to better coordinate how seals that end up on the Dutch coast should be treated. To help communicate the significance of these new rules, I designed a sign and a website.

The sign used for the seal rehabilitation agreement

The sign

Familiar and simple, with a nod to the covid measures, the sign acts as a concise summary of the new agreement: just leave the seals alone. Its yellow color and simple Arial font make its function instantly recognizable among traffic signs.

A screenshot of the website for the seal rehabilitation agreement

The website was a temporary solution until the start of the advertising campaign.

The website

Scanning the QR-code will lead you to the accompanying website, which further explains the rehabilitation of seals. The design could be called the bare minimum, and not without reason: it’s functional, modern and unambiguous, when at the time confusion and even fake news surrounded the agreement.