Banner for VILLAGERS

VILLAGERS is a story of self-discovery in a square world. Inspired by South Korean pop music and Japanese vocaloids, I give the iconic inhabitants of the Minecraft universe a voice. What does it mean to be you, when life is as predetermined as code in a video game?


An unofficial sequel to the first VILLAGERS music video, a cover which has over 1.5 million views, this debut single is my most ambitious passion project yet. My experience animating 3D videos, telling stories in Minecraft and writing music will come together in one package, not unlike K-Pop, where songs and video are intertwined and tuned to perfection.

And while I keep trying to write the perfect song, I have to come to terms with the fact that imperfections are necessary, and being me means being imperfect. That’s what VILLAGERS is teaching me as an artist.

VILLAGERS is slated to release their first pop single late 2021.

This is a concept and has not (yet) been fully realized. I'm posting it because I think the idea is interesting enough to share.